For our international clients

Of course, Le Figaro also offers its services to international clients. Below is a brief summary of my services and philosophy, if you have any further questions please contact me at any time.

About care and haircuts:
At Le Figaro, not only is the utmost importance placed on care and professionalism, but I always make sure that your dog can enjoy his stay without any stress. Hairstyles are cut without clippers, exclusively with scissors, unless explicitly requested otherwise. I also offer hand plucking for all wirehaired breeds. If you own a wirehaired dog that has been clipped in the past, please feel free to contact me and I will advise you on returning to pluckable hair or on skin-friendly alternatives. Before the actual haircut starts, every dog enjoys a bath with well-tempered water and premium care products. After the bath, the dog will be blow-dried (while wearing ear protection) with professional equipment and then brushed under a stream of warm air with tools that are gentle on the hair and skin. After that a so-called hygienic shearing is carried out, which means clipping between the paw pads, around the anus and the genital area.
During the haircut, care is always taken to ensure you can take home a dog with a low-maintenance hairstyle, but that the breed's recognition value is still maintained. For mixed breeds and hybrid breeds I offer a wide variety of modern hairstyles, just contact me for a consultation.

Before the appointment:
It is very important to me that your four-legged friend feels comfortable at Le Figaro and that you can pick him up in a relaxed state. Since every dog has a natural protective instinct towards its owner, it is not possible, for the well-being of your pet, to stay with him during the grooming process. Your dog would understandably want to check on you and come over to you, which compromises safety and workflow - the risk of injury increases and the coiffure takes longer accordingly. You can hand your dog over to me with no worries and I will take the utmost care to make his experience at the groomer as pleasant as possible.
Please take your dog for a short walk before visiting the salon so that he can do his business and start his appointment relaxed and happy.

If there are any further questions or you want to book an appointment, don't hesitate to contact me via the website's contact form or by phone.